Contents of the 1951 Pinkes Kovel


Published in Argentina


A postscript to the Pinkes Kovel said it was "written not by a professional writer or journalist, but by plain, simple people, and this was our intention. We wanted it edited and written by a native, who was known by our townspeople and who knew them too. A nook not composed in literary language, but in simple language, telling the story of the facts and happenings that really took place. And let the future historians take these stories and use them as necessary." (p.510)


(Note: There may be some errors in this translation)







Introduction                                        The Redactor                                                              13

Kovel My City                                    Betzalel Baler                                                              17






Historical Review



Chapter  1       The Foundation of the City - Why the Name “Kovel”?                                 23

Chapter  2       City and Sand                                                                                                 24

Chapter  3       The City Develops [unable to read] – A.A.                                                    27

Chapter  4       The Years of the Revolution, 1903 – 1906 - A.A.                                         30

Chapter  5       Kovel’s Authorities, Institutions and Synagogues                                         37

Chapter  6       Kovel’s “Intelligentsia” - A.A.                                                                       44

Chapter  7       Kovel During the Years of the First World War, 1914 – 1918                      50

Chapter  8       The Coming and Going Away of the Bolshevik Army - A.A.                       58

Chapter  9       Under the Polish Government - A.A.                                                             66

Chapter 10      During the Years of the Second World War                                                  73

Chapter 11      When the Germans Attacked Russia - A.A.                                                   78 

Chapter 12      Kovel Under German – Nazi Power - A.A.                                                   82

Chapter 13      The Crowding of the Jews into Ghettos, the First Liquidation,

                                    Kovel’s Jews                                                                                       87

Chapter 14      The Second Liquidation, the Destruction of Kovel                                       92

The Perished Saints in the Great Synagogue - Moshe Bebtshuk                                            98

Kovel              (The Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw)                                                 104

The Total of Kovel’s Community - Mordechai Waks                                                          107







Memories and Episodes



Welfare Institutions and Organizations in Kovel - Abraham Glaz                                         114                                                     

A Letter from the Poet Zishe Weinfer                                                                                    124

The Zionist Youth Movements in Kovel - Isser Kaminsky                                                    129                                                                

The Workers’ Movement in Kovel - Haim Melamed                                                             144

Memories from Kovel                         told by             A.Y. Galperin                                     149

Kovel, Our Community                                              L. Bayan                                             156

(Memories) From the Depths                                      Joseph Shapiro                                    179

Some Memories                                                          Rachel Grinblat-Pantorits                   185 

Kovel’s Hebrew High School                                     A. Haynach                                         189                  

Memories                                                                    Rivka Weinshal-Reznic                       193

What is a Pinkes?                                told by             L. Schiter                                            195

Yosef Avrekh                                                             Yaacov Teitelkar                                 201

A Memory                                                                   Joseph Pass                                         205                                                   

Some Memories                                                          Z. Youcht                                            207

Kalman Liss (from the book by Melech Davitch “My Lexicon”)                                          213

Kovel (a poem)                                                           Kalman Liss                                        215

Simply My Region (a song)                                        Kalman Liss                                        218

Next to a Dead Poet                                                   Kehat Kliger                                       219

Yosel Zecharehus (Burstein)   (Edited from H.Grades’ poem “muserniks”) B.B.                 221

Malka from Radovitch (a poem)                                 Z. Weinper                                          227

My Lost Struggle                                                        Feivel Schifer                                      230








Those Who Fell While on Duty



Yehiel Sheinboim

(from Dr. Dvarzshetsky’s book “Jerusalem of Lithuania in Battle and Death”)                    235


Sheindel Shwartz

(from Melech Neishtadz’s book “Destruction and Revolution of the Jews in Warsaw”)      240


Devorah Baran

(from Melech Neishtadz’s book “Destruction and Revolution of the Jews in Warsaw”)      244


Leah Fish

(from Melech Neishtadz’s book “Destruction and Revolution of the Jews in Warsaw”)      246


Shamay Laufer

(from Melech Neishtadz’s book ”Destruction and Revolution of the Jews in Warsaw”)      248


Leoba Lederhandler                                                                                                 249                  








Excerpts from Kovel’s Jewish Publications



From Kovel’s Voice                                                                                                                 252


From Our Life                                                                                                                         278






Some Towns of Kovel’s Circle


Melnitsa                                              written by        Betzalel Baler                                      291

Episodes from my Home Town (Melnitsa)                 Feivel Baler                                         329

Melnitsa During the Last Years                                  M. Landa                                            335

Tzvi Mersik

(from Melech Neishtadz’s book “Destruction and Revolution of the Jews in Warsaw”)      338

KremneLibechin                             narrated by      David Galdin                                      341

Manievitch [Prilesnoye]                      narrated by      Yehuda Verba                                     350

Khateshau                                           narrated by      Leibel Bakler                                       352





Kovel in Argentina


Compatriots Associations from Kovel and Others                                                                 360

Credit Cooperative “Rio de la Plata                                                                                     391

25 Years of Kovel’s Bank                                          Israel Hanik                                         414

The Committees of the Co-op “Rio de la Plata” from 1926 to 1951                                     417

Credit Cooperative “El Porvenir                                                                                          427

Memories                                                                    Simcha Kalb                                        438

The “New Kovel’s Stool”                                           Leibel Schiter                                      441

Memories                                                                    Israel Melamed                                   445               

The Committees of the Co-op “El Porvenir” from 1929 to1951                                           448






Final Word                                                                  Betsalel Baler                                      509