Photos from the Pinkes Kovel, 1951 Edition - Album Four

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Title page of the 1951 Pinkes Kovel, published in Buenos Aires.

Students and teachers of the Tarbut School Herzliya with Dr. Fridlander.


Main entrance to the marketplace.

Jewish delegation to greet Polish President, including the Prozshaner Rabbi, Rabbi Nahum Moshele Twersky (center-right, with fur hat), Ephraim Dayan, Trisker Rebbe, Rabbi Velvele.

The Great Synagogue, in 1945.

Common burial ground.

Concert group.

Main street in Ratno.

Caption says "the crooked street." People are unidentified.

Cows bought through the generosity of the Kovel Relief Club in America. New Year's greetings from the orphans' home.

The Melnitzer Rabbi, Avraham Finkelstein.

The Pioneer, Yechiel Shenbum.

Grandfather Moshe Nahum, son of Yitzhak Shpak.

Gravestone of David Rosenberg, 1856.

Aaron Baller.

Unzer Leben newspaper.

Independent Yiddish-weekly, the 'Kovler Shtime' (The Voice of Kowel), which stood for a national-Zionist position. Its editor was Yakov Burk.

Funeral of Pinkus Sheinbaum.

Pomiatnik, momument for those who died in the Napoleanic War of 1812.

Pharmacy of Linas Hatzedek, with pharmacist Zalman Stillerman at right.

Yenta, whose husband was Hirsch Leib Gluz and daughters or sisters.

Yenta, wife of Zvi Aryeh b'Dov Halevi Barenbaum; sister Doba and her child Herschele.

Yosef b'Shmuel Halevi Santimer, wife Esther Raizel b'Reb Ziseh Leib, Rachel and her children.

Yosef b'reb Yechiel Chaim and Chaya Pugatch, children Berel and Chaya.

Nechama b'reb Zev Mazuski, wife of Itzik b'Reb Aharon Gulish (died 1920).

Post-Telegraph building.

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