Photos of Kovel - Album Five

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Lucker Street.  Courtesy of Ellen Stepak

Third of May Street. Courtesy of Ellen Stepak

Urban school.  Courtesy of Ellen Stepak

Pruessen Street.  Courtesy of Ellen Stepak

Brueckenstrasse. Courtesy of Ellen Stepak

Post and telegraph building.  Courtesy of Ellen Stepak

Kovel train station.  

Another view of Lucker Street. 

Street scene, 1918, from German video.  

Blomenkranz family, Kovel, c.1914. Courtesy of Jay Nusholtz. Left to right, Zalman (Sol), Anna, Chaya (Helen) and Asher Yakov. Asher Yakov passed away in 1919; his wife Malia, had died in 1915. Blomenkranz was probably her surname, not her husband's. Her sister, Frima, emigrated to the U.S. with the three children in 1921. .  

Yonah Gamulka, c.1930. Courtesy of Ala Gamulka. Taken for his engagement to his cousin, Gitel Burko. Yonah was drafted into the Red Army, and was in Chernigov in 1942 when Ukrainian troops found the soldiers. They ordered the Jews to stand up, and shot them.  

Friends in Hashomer Hatzair movement, 1930. Courtesy of Anita Hassan. Left to right: Munik Goldberg, 4 Unknowns, Shaike ('Shyje') Kagan, Idale Galperin (standing), Regina ___, Pinchas ('Pinche') Panturin..  

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