Photos from the Kovel Yizkor book, 1957 Edition - Album Three

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Students of the Herzliya School and their teachers: Third row teachers sitting R-L: Zev Tchernitzky (now Lieutenant Tzur), Dr. Abba Shafron-Foyner, unknown, Principal Moshe Fishman, unknown, Chaim Hochberg, Shimon Feinstein. .

Herzliya Graduates of 1931/32.

Epilogue from the "Masada" play.

Sara Chizik (Cherpia) as the bereaved in the play "Anathema" by Andreyev.

Communal businessmen for KAPE (Society for Educators in Russia) in Dubna with students. R-L: Gutnacht, Goldeis, Roisman, B. Baran, Dr. Hindes, A. Korin, A. Wertheim, Pinchasovitch, teacher D. Marek.

The market square.

Avraham Eizik Treiger (plus Yiddish poem)

Rabbi Ginzburg, the "lion of the group" praying in the synagogue. A great scholar and Talmud expert. If the lighting was not adequate in the evening, he would use the nearest candle for reading.

Zionist Committee 1918. Seated r-l: Sarah Blumenfeld-Tselvitch, Mendel Kosovsky, Bruchin, Henoch Geller, Burstein, Moshe Dudyuk, Baruch Reiter.

A folkloric image: A Kovel chimney sweep and his dog standing silent. Sign on the building says "Good Luck" in German.

Hechlutz Committee 1933 (a group that encouraged emigration to Eretz Israel); Standing r-l: Mendel Erlich, Kramer, Baruch Taub, Sholom Klonitzki, Chava Fried. Sitting: Michoel Gonik, David Ovental, Moshe Gitlis, Moshe Rosen, Yakov Becker.

Reb Nechemia Ber and grandchild.

Concrete bridge over the Turiya River.

Chimes: A collection of hand written essays by the Herzliya students. Drawing is of Yeshayahu by a 5th grade student named Yitzchak Atlas.

New orphanage under the name of Dr. Yakov Applebaum.

Communal kitchen for Jewish soldiers.

Saying Kaddish at a mass grave.

Lag Ba'Omer parade of the Shomer Hatzair (youth group) in 1930.

Histradut scouts.

The "report" of the Hashomer Hatzair (Young Guard).

Inscriptions on the wall of the Great Synagogue by those about to meet their deaths.

Pominkowa Street, circa 1918.

Market street, circa 1919.

Viktoriya Hotel, circa 1914.

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