Photos of Kovel

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Brest-Litowsker Street.  Courtesy Mark Heckman

Ulicka Lucka Street. Courtesy Mark Heckman

The railroad station. Kovel became a major rail hub in the 1900s and still is today. Courtesy Mark Heckman

Train station, ca. 1916.  Courtesy Ellen Stepak

Hospital. Courtesy Ellen Stepak

Brueckenstrasse. Courtesy Ellen Stepak


The Jewish market. Courtesy Ellen Stepak

Illustration of Kovel street. Courtesy Mark Heckman

Magistrat Street in 1920. By permission of Yad Vashem

Judengasse, or "Jew's Lane."Courtesy of Mark Heckman

Gimnazyum, or secondary school. Courtesy Mark Heckman

Women's gimnzyum. Courtesy of Ellen Stepak.

Postcard shot of Kovel street, 1934 Courtesy of Ellen Stepak

Eine Kambrude. Courtesy of Ellen Stepak

Victoria Hotel. Courtesy of Ellen Stepak.

Canal in Kovel.Courtesy of Ellen Stepak

Bank Towarzystwa. Courtesy of Ellen Stepak

Church. Courtesy of Mark Heckman.

The Great Synagogue.  By permission of Yad Vashem

Side view of the synagogue.  Courtesy of Mark Heckman

Intersection of Mickiewicza and Warszawskiej. Courtesy of Mark Heckman


Doba (r.), sister of Sergio Josiowicz's grandfather, in Kovel. 

Sergio Josiowicz's grandmother Hannah Basia is behind the horse. 

Awaiting visit by King of Poland in front of Kovel schul around 1921. Jochanon (?) Twerski, rabbi of Kovel, is the man in middle with fur hat and white beard. The man with the white beard and peasant cap near Twerski is Yidul Sofer Friedman,great grandfather of Stewart Levy, who contributed this photo. 


Women being taken to forced labor by the Germans. By permission of Yad Vashem

Holocaust memorial about five miles outside Kovel. Courtesy of Sergio Josiowicz

Kovel Memorial at Holon Cemetery in Holon, near Tel Aviv: "In memory of the martyrs of Kovel and the vicinity Volhyn."  Courtesy of Ellen Stepak

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