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Also known as: Kaminsk (in Yiddish)

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Kamiensk is located approximately 59 kilometers or 37 miles south of Lodz. The earliest known Jewish community existed in the nineteenth century. The Jewish population in 1921 was 856. During World War II, the Jewish cemetery was destroyed. This site is now used for commercial purposes. The Jewish community of Kamiensk was not reestablished. Other Jewish communities in the "Radomsk Region" were located in Belchatow, Brzeznica/Nowa Brzeznica, Gidle (Gidzel), Kleszczow, Piotrkow Trybunalski, Plawno, Przedborz, Radomsko, Rozprza, Sulmierzyce, Szczulkow-Podszwierk and Wloszczowa.

Kaminsk: Life and Death of a Shtetl

Victor Breitburg, perhaps the sole living survivor born in Kamiensk, writes about his birthplace.

The town of Kamiensk is included in the Lodz Area Research Group. Please visit this site for further information about researching your Jewish roots in the Lodz region. You are invited to join the online mailing list.

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No landsmanshaft is listed in Israel for the town of Kamiensk. The Radomsko landsmanshaft may be contacted at:

Zvi Staub, 21 Hanavi Street, Jerusalem, Israel

Visit the Radomsko Yizkor Book online translation for links to Radomsko landsmanshaften.



Victor Breitburg, Philip Cola-Lejzerowicz, Shirley Rotbein Flaum

This site is dedicated to the memory of the Jews of Kaminsk.

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