Janovice nad ┌hlavou, Czech Republic
Alternate names: Janovice nad ┌hlavou [Cz], Janowitz [Ger], Janowitz an der Angel, Janovice 49░21' N 13░13' E

Sketch of the Janovice Synagogue Janovice Firehouse, the former Synagogue Janovice Firehouse, the former Synagogue

The first image above is a painting showing the Janovice Synagogue, which was founded in 1723 along with the Jewish School and the Rabbi's quarters. It was painted by Mr. Dvorski, a resident of Janovice, before the synagogue was converted into the town's firehouse. The last two photos show the modern-day firehouse.

My photos were from a visit to Janovice nad Uhlavou in July 1998. With the help of a town resident Jan Major; his daughter Jana Eret; and Magda Simonovska, a genealogist who provided translation services we toured family houses; the synagogue now the firehouse; and the cemetery. We met Mr. Dvorski, a pre-war resident who shared his copy of "The Chronicle" with us and allowed it to be borrowed for translation. Eternal thanks go out to the wonderful residents of Janovice and the Czech Republic who showed us hospitality and guided my family on a tour of our ancestral town.

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