Gargzdai (Gorzd), Lithuania

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Memorials to Women and Children
August, 2001

The memorials for the killing of the women and children of Gargzdai are at two separate sites off of Road 166 which runs northeast from Vezaiciai towards Kuliai.

Southwest Site

"This is in the remembrance of the past [events] of the year 1941, when innocent children, women and elderly people were victims of the Hitleristic executioners because they were Jews!" [Lithuanian]

"Here lie" (or "here are buried")
[abbreviation in middle of star]

"Victims/martyrs of the Nazi persecutors--the women and children of the town of Gorzd annihilated in the year 1941"

Translation by Tina Lunson

Northeast Site

Memorial at upper left refers to 300 from Gargzdai killed in October, 1941. Yosif Levinson, Skausmo Knyga - The Book of Sorrow (Vilnius: Vaga Publishers, 1997), page 110. A translation of this inscription is found at the Holocaust Atlas of Lithuania.

The date of October shown on the Monument is inconsistent with other sources. The Yahrzheit Dates page compiled by Litvak SIG [Special Interest Group] on JewishGen lists the second date for Gorzhd as September 14, 1941; 22 Elul, 5701. Pinkas Hakehillot Lita gives the dates of the womens' killings as September 14 and 16, 1941.

Memorial at upper right has same inscription as at Southwest Site.

Information about these killings is set forth in the Holcaust Atlas of Lithuania, at Items 171 (here) and 158 (here), as well as the Holocaust section of the present website.

Photographs by John S. Jaffer

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