Recent Photos of Yurburg

Taken by Gerald Rudmin in June, 1998




Help is needed to identify each of these photos.

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Picture Y1

Picture Y2

Picture Y3 - Appears to be taken from the same spot as the photo below which also appears on the main Yurburg Shtetlinks Page

Haupt (High) Street in Yurburg about 1927

Courtesy of Helen Kizell Beiles (Montreal, Canada)



Picture Y4: Building owned by Moshe Krelitz before he was murdered in June 1941.

Picture Y5 - Kovno Gasse (Street)


Picture Y6

Picture Y7: Site of Naividel Pharmacy before Jews of Yurburg were murdered in June 1941

Picture Y9 - Possibly Kovno Gasse (Street)

Picture Y10

Picture Y11

Picture Y12

Picture Y13 - "Old Butcher Shop"

Picture Y14

Picture Y15

Picture Y16


Picture Y17 - Sign to the Site of the Genocide at the old Jewish Cemetery. Yurburg's Jews were murdered there.

Picture Y18 - The Old Yurburg Jewish Cemetery - New Cemetery in the back

Picture Y19 - Headstones in the Jewish Cemetery

Picture Y19A - Headstone from Y19

Picture Y20 - I. L. Yoffe 1876 - 1917 (Chaim Yoffe's father)

Picture Y22 - Moshe Breski, sone of Shmayhy\u

Picture Y23 - Israel Lewinson, son of Moshe Halevi Levinson, died April 9,1887

Picture Y24 - Yetta Bernstein Gittelmann - Born August 18, 1929

Smerel (Banker) Bernstein's Mother, also other of Mendel and Yisroel and Boris Bernstein

Picture Y25 - Head Stones in the Yurburg Jewish Cemetery

Picture Y26 - Henna Riva Rochco - Brother lived in Israel

Picture Y27

Picture X27A

Picture X28

Picture Y29

Picture Y30

Yiddish Inscription on the Roadside Monument in Yurburg

Translation: " At this place on the 8th (?) of July 1941 the German fascists and their local helpers massacred cruely 2193 (the last number is not clear) Lithuanians, Jews and Russians from Jurbarkas and the vicinity"

Picture Y31 - The Murder Site and Mass Graves in Yurburg

Picture Y32 - Berzaner Memorial Stone

Picture Y32A - Close Up of the Inscription on the Berzaner Memorial Stone

For our sister -

Reizele Berzaner 1924-1941-

And for her two dear friends-

You will forever be in our hearts-

With love Dina'le and Mute


Picture Y34 - The Yurburg Jewish Cemetery

Picture Y35 - The Mass Massacre Site at the Yurburg Jewish Cemetery

Picture Y36 - Outside The Yurburg Jewish Cemetery


Picture Y37 - The Yurburg Jewish Cemetery

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