Max Zarnitsky from Yurburg at Exhibit of Israeli Architects in Paris in Fall 2009

Max Zarnitsky, 1898-1980
Born in Yurburg, Lithuania, he studied engineering in Hamburg, German, between 1921 and 1924.  Immigrating to Eretz-Israel in 1925, her worked for Hecker & Yellin in Jerusalem.  He took part in designing Neve Ya'akov, also known as the Hebrew Village (Hakfar Ha'Ivri).  In the late 1920s he moved to Tel Aviv and opened a private office at 22 Montefiori St.  Among his building in Tel Aviv in the 1930s are 3 Nachmani St., 1 Yehuda Halevi St., 47 Cremieux St. and the moving roof of the Mograbi Cimema. In the 1940s, together with the contractors Stoler and Moshe Ofer, he built airfields in Syria.  Concurrently he studied real estate apprasing and later become Assistant Chief Real Estate Appraiser of the Israel Government.