Levinsohn Family Photos and Documents

Provided through the kind courtesy of Ashley Levinsohn


Ashley Levinsohn reports that his aunt Hadassa Heussinger ( nee Levinsohn ) pictured at the top second from the left in the 1929 graduation photo, died last month in Rehovot, Israel. The family found manypapers and certificates including her graduation certificate and her student identification. There are also many photographs. More of these will be included as time permits.



Scouts, First Cub Troup Taurage 1927.

The Troop leader, Abrasha Levinsohn ( uncle of Ashley Levinsohn, murdered in Taurage 1941)
Back row far right his younger brother, late father of Ashley Levinsohn, Leiba ( Louis )
Levinsohn. He died in South Africa 1959.
Student Identification Card for the Yurburg Gymnasium


Certificate from the Reali Hebrew Gynmasium of Kovno for Hadassah Levinsohn


Third Graduating Class of the Hebrew Gynasium (High School) of Yurburg, 1929

Hadassa Heussinger ( nee Levinsohn, aunt of Ashley Levinsohn ) is pictured second from the top second from the left. She died in December 1999 in Rehovot, Israel.

Eight people per row
Bottom row, left to right: Meir Leviosh, Golomowitz, Kaplan, S. Hasklelovitz, Picture of School, L. Shtock, N. Ess, Rachel Laviosh, Leviteh.
Second row from bottom, left to right: G. Kovlakovskit, R. Petrokanskit, H. Baron, J Dambo, Tzikovski, A Altman, T. Haimowitz, Moskowitz.
Third row, left to right: B. Feinberg, H. Levinsohn, Navossitis, Dr. Rotshtein, Y. Lerman, D. Pinkus, Mendlewitz, Bluma Heskelovitz.
Top row, left to right: Weinberg, Colombus, A. Liptziger, Headmaster Engineer D. Chen, Deputy Headmaster Y. Tuchman, H. Lintofski, H. Shachnovitz, Y. Zachar
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Hebrew Gynasium (High School) of Yurburg - 1927/1928
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Gymnasium Yurburg 7th Class ( Mahlaka) with Form Master ( main teacher). Written on the back: "Winter 1928"

7th Class ( Mahlaka) 28th November 1927. Written on the back "Hadassa Levinsohn 7th Class in memory of the day we did not attend the Gymnasium because of the famous 'Soldaritet' dated 6 Jan 28.


Exit Permit from Lithuania of Hadassah Levinsohn dated Nov. 12, 1933

Hadassah made aliyah to Palestine.


Palestine Identity Card of Hadassah Levinsohn Heusinger

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