Early Historic Yurburg Document (1709)

courtesy of William K. Berton of Saginaw, Michigan

Customs document issued to Pincas Isakowitz of Yurburg in 1709


Mr. William Berton wrote that this document is a "blanket customs receipt issued on the 6th of December 1709 in Yurburg by the superintendant of customs of the then Grand Duchy of Lithuania to my ancestor Pincas Isakowitz certifying that he had paid all his customs. Pinchas lived for many years in Yurburg, then moved to Smalininkai in 1708, although he supposedly was buried in Yurburg in 1722 or 1723."

The above document is written in Polish and is presented in a German translation below:

The German (above) of the document of Pinkas Isaakowitz was gratiously into English (below) by Mr. Mordechai Kopfstein (Haifa, Israel).

Mr Joseph Rosin (originally of Kybart, Lithuania, and now of Haifa Israel) points out that "Yurburg was then a border town between the Grandduchy of Lithuania and the Memel region that belonged to Prussia. According to this document there is no evidence that Mr. Isaakovitz lived in Yurburg."


(A trial translation) 815

A general receipt for the Jew Pinkas Isaakowicz with regard to customs taxes in the Grandduchy of Lithuania.

As can be seen clearly from my receipt documents submitted for the inspection of customs documents by the treasurey, the financial resources of the other party (adversa partis) were leased and entrusted to his Honour Mr. Ludwig Pociej, a titled gentleman of the Grandduchy of Lithuania as well as the Superintendent, in exchange for which Pinkas Isaakowicz held back the old as well as the recently raised customs charges for the Customs Authority, as can be proved and justified from all the documents, and also there are no outstanding amounts.

I hereby declare that for these years of His Honours management, no financial demands remain as far as he is concerned.

For the sake of reliability, I herewith sign in my own hand.

Drawn up in Jurbork, 6 December 1709

Michal Stanislav Susin K.Y.B.

Superintendent of the Customs Authority

Grandduchy of Lithuania


As I shall take the original receipt of Mr. Pinkas Isaakowicz in order to show it to His Honour Mr. Hetman, I hereby sign this copy as confirmation thereof.

Stefan Skalski




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