The Arnstein Family in Yurburg

Provided Courtesy of Roy Thacker (Arnstein Family Descendant)


Arnstein Family 1911

Arnstein Family in 1911

Standing from left: Uncle(?), Israel, Jacob

Sitting in Middle Row: Aunt(?), Tsvia, Dora

Sitting from left: Yudl, Moritz

Arnstein Family 1934

Arnstein Family in 1934

Standing from left: Yudl, Dora, Moritz

Sitting from left: Parents, Tsvia and Jacob (physician)

Arenstein Family

The Arenstein Family in Yurburg and a couple connections in America


The 1911 Arenstein Family Portrait

The front row sitting are Yudel Arenstein and his brother Mortiz Arenstein. Both are the sons of Jacob and Tsvia Arenstein. Sitting on the second row is an unknown woman who is believed to be an aunt. Next is Tsvia Arenstein ( wife of Jacob ) and their daughter Dora Arenstein. Standing in the their row are: an unknown man who is believed to be an uncle. In the middle is Israel Arenstein ( born 25 November 1893) ( son of Jacob and Tsvia ),and Jacob Arenstein ( the father ).

An older son named Louis ( born 20 August 1890 ) is not pictured, since he immigrated to the United States in 1905. Louis lived in the New York City Area but later moved to Miami Beach, Florida where he died in 1978. Soon after this picture was taken, Israel (in July 1911) immigrated to the United States. He lived most of his life in Waterbury , Connecticut where he died in 1970.


The 1934 Arenstein Family Portrait

The front row sitting are: the parents Tsvia and Jacob Arenstien. Standing in the second row are the grown children. They are :Yudel Arenstein , Dora Arenstein, and Mortiz Arenstein.

Jacob Arenstein, a physician, ( the father ) is believed to have been employed by The National Lithuanian Health Service, an unusual position for a Jew in that era. Jacob passed away after this picture was taken but before Jack Cossid left for the United States in 1937, since Jack remembered the funeral.

Tsvia Arenstein ( the mother ) is believed to have been a housewife. Her fate is unknown. It is believed that she was murdered in the Holocaust when the Germans marched into Yurburg in 1941.

Dora Arenstein was employed as a cashier at the Komertz Bank . There she worked with Mr. Jack Cossid. It is believed that later she married and moved to Kowno ( Kovno, or Kaunas ). Mr. Jacks Cossid's memory supports this belief. Her fate is unknown. It is very doubtful she survived the Holocaust.

Yudel Arenstein is believed to have worked in the electrical field in Yurburg. Mr.Jack Cossid reported that the brother Mortiz was in the steamboat business with Germans. Their exact fate too is unknown. It is believed that both were murdered shortly after the Germans marched into Yurburg in 1941.

While there are no formal records naming individuals who died at Yurburg in the Holocaust, there is an interesting clue at this web-site. In Ruta Puisyt's thesis "Holocaust in Jarbarkas ", the appendix number 4 list two brothers named Arnshtein who died at Yurburg in the Holocaust. One's name was Monik, a cashier , and his brother was listed as Yudel an electrican.

If anyone has any knowledge of this family please let me know via Mr. Joel Alpert at this web-site.

Roy A. Thacker

February, 2002


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