Photo Album of

Leah Krelitz-Sherman

These photos were found by Leah's children Max Sherman-Krelitz and Esther Bejar-Sherman after her death. Most were taken by Leah's brother, Moshe Krelitz who remained in Yurburg and was murdered along with all the Jewish residents of Yurburg in the fall of 1941 after the Nazi invasion of Lithuania. Most of the people pictured were among those murdered. The murders were carried out by the Lithuanian collaborators of the Nazis. The last two pictures were taken in Mexico, where Leah immigrated in 1937. She had traveled there to visit her sister, Riva, but was told to not return to Lithuania because the situation was deteriorating. Letters found after her death told of her brothers and sisters fears of what was to befall them.


Eliezer Pesaichson (friend from Yurburg)

Swimming in the Neiman River at Yurburg

?? and Feivel Chosid (brother of Jack Cossid) Leah Kreitz

before 1937

Canoeing in the Neiman River at Yurburg

Leah and brother Moishe Kreitz

before 1937

Moishe, Dora and Esther Kreitz

about 1940


Esther and Moishe Kreitz about 1940


Feige Magidovitz, Sister of Chanah Magidovitz

Friend of Leah

Bassia Ess and Leah Krelitz

Esther Krelitz - Neice of Leah Krelitz

Feiga Krelitz and her children - Sister and neices of Leah Krelitz

Feige (sister of Leah Krelitz) and Husband Itzhak Shaye --- and Daughter Ester

Feige and Daughter Esther

Leah Krelitz in Front Left in Yurburg

Krelitz Family in Happy Times

Feige, Rochel, Moshe, Leah and Feige's Husband

Leah, friend Regina Rickler and Feige (sister)

Moshe, Feige, Dora (Moshe's wife), Itzhak Shaye --- and Leah

Moshe, Leah, and Feiga

Richler and ??

Sedar with Leib,, Feiga?, ?, ?, Leah, and Moshe

Sledding - Moshe, ? and Leah

Dora and Moshe

Leah and friend in Yurburg

On the Beach in Yurburg

Leah in Mexico

Jacobo Sherman and wife Leah with nephew Elias Guttman

on the Beach in Mexico

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