Project Preservation 2007 - Yurburg, Lithuania :: Headstones

Headstone G-45

Row 4, Col 18

Magen David
Here lies buried

Lovers and friends, they could not be separated
          in life or in death (*1)

          Our honorable, endearing father     !     Our dear mother Mrs
          Our teacher the Rav Avraham        !     Tobah Leah the daughter
                   the son of Baruch                  !          of R Nachash
          Hai   Yalowitz                                !      Who departed with a good
          He departed with a good name       !                     name
                     on Rosh Hodesh                 !       On the 21st of  Iyar [     ]
          Mar Heshvan in the year 5672       !             In the year 5681 [1921]

                             May their souls be bound in the bonds of life


(*1) See II Samuel 1:23.  This phrase is found to describe the love and friendship between Jonathan and David


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