Project Preservation 2007 - Yurburg, Lithuania :: Headstones

Headstone C-7

Row 2, Col 2

Here lies buried
An important Woman
The endearing Mrs.


the daughter of R. Meir Alperovitz
The wife of the Sheliach Tzibur [of here]
Her soul departed (*1) in purity on the 8th day of Adar 5690 (1930)
May her soul be bound in the bonds of life.

Comment:  We now know more about the Cantor than before.  Both he and Blumah had a son who passed away in 1915.  His wife then died in 1930.  11 years later, he would suffer humiliation by the murderers, the local collaborators of the Nazi invaders.


(*1) The acronym “yud, nun” is understood as yatzah nishmahtah, her soul departed


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