Project Preservation 2007 - Yurburg, Lithuania :: Headstones

Headstone B-123

Row 9, Col 3

A Stone                                                                A  stone
My daughter, a soft child                                   My dear, upright father
[lit. overclouding the dancer]                              Among men, he earned
                                                                             his living
She walked quietly during her life                     His hands toiled
Ms. Hayah Peshah                                              Judah the son of Ari
                                                                             Galgishar, he departed
She departed with a good name                         With a good name [      ]
On the 7th of Av 5640 (1880)                                      5640
May her soul be bound in the                                      May his soul be bound
          bonds of life                                               in the bonds of life

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