Project Preservation 2007 - Yurburg, Lithuania :: Headstones

Headstone A-17

Row 5, Col 7



Here lies buried
Woe, your days were too few before

Lying in the grave, your home (you) left
He sees from the heavens, far from us
So sad, for the the crown of our head has fallen
The desire to study with our friends
Your hands and your feet  [did not pursue  ] the forbidden
And strict judgment has come decisively
[You would provide] the feast of those who are famished and humbled
Often, you would give strength (sustenance) to the poor
He is my father, beloved Yisrael Yosef
the son of Tzvi Halevi Galabartzki
He departed with a good name on the 3rd day
Of the month of Nisan in the year 1909
May his soul be bound up in the bonds of life

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