Pinkas Gadol shel Chevra  Machzikei Torah, 1910
פנקס גדול של חברא מחזיקי תורה דק"ק לאקענבאך, תר"ע
The ledger of the Torah Supporters'
Society in Lackenbach ,1910

  From Center for Jewish History, Leo Baeck Institute archives Collections, access online:

Ledger, containing the names of deceased congregants, both men and women, including the Lackenbach Rabbis, honoring their Torah scholarship.
(20 pages.)
Translation to English by Yohanan Loeffler

Pages 3 and 4 are of Lackenbach Rabbis, both displayed here.
Pages 5 to 13 are of male community members, only page 5 is displayed here.
Pges 14 to 19 are of female community members, only page 14 is displayed here.
Page 20 just gives us the spirit of those times...

Page 2,  "El Male Rachamim" and 
" Mi  Sheberech".

Page 1, title.

Page 4, Rabbis names:
Rabbi Shalom ben rabbi Israel (R' Shalom                 Charif  ULLMAN)
Rabbi Avraham ben Rabbi  Shalom (R' Avraham ULLMAN)
Rabbi David ben Rabbi Avraham (R' David ULLMAN)

Page 3, Rabbis names:
Rabbi Meir ben Rabbi Shimon (Ulmo Ginzburg)
Rabbi Binyamin ben Rabbi Meir (R' Binyamin Ash ben
Rabbi Shlomo ben rabbi Eliezer
(R' Shlomo Zalman ben Eliezer Liphshitz)

Page 5
Moshe ben yehuda Halevi
Gedalya ben Nachum
Menachem ben Yizhak
Shmuel ben Shlomo

Page 4
Reuven ben Mordechai Zvi
Rabbi Yom Tov son of Moshe
Moshe son of Ben Zion Hacohen
Yizhak ben Chaim
Meir ben Mordechai Zvi

Page 7
Shmuel ben Nachum
Chaim ben Nathan
Mordechai ben Avraham
Rephael ben Rabbi Avraham

Page 6
Binyamin Zeev ben Yekutiel
Rabbi Mordechai ben Rabbi Avraham Halevi
Arie ben Ben Zion Hacohen
Rabbi Mordechai Ber ben Binyamin Zeev
Page 9
Yosef ben Chanoch
Rabbi Asher ben Rabbi Dov
Pinchas ben Rabbi Dov

Page 8
Ya'akov Kopel ben Shmuel
Mordechai ben Moshe Yehuda
Chaim ben Nachum
Israel ben Mordechai

Page 11
Meshulam ben Mordechai Halevi
Moshe ben David
Rabbi Moshe ben Rabbi Mordechai

Page 10
Rabbi Reuven ben Peretz Hacohen
Binyamin Zeev ben Meir
Yehuda ben Israel
Page 13
Avraham ben Rabbi David

Page 12
Menachem ben Chaim
Chaim ben Chaim
Ya'akov ben Levi
Page 15
Buna bat Meir Zvi
Taltza bat Shlomo Zvi
Rachel bat Avraham Zvi
Gittle Leah bat Yehoshua Heschl

Page 14
Hendel bat Shmuel Eliezer
Chaia Rachla bat Israel
Esther bat Shmuel Eliezer
Frumet bat Shmuel Chaim

Page 17
Yentl bat Ya'akov
Yittle bat Shlomo
Scheindl bat Menachem
Scherl bat Mordechai Dov

Page 16
Yetle bat Roza
Reikl bat Moshe Yehuda
Beila bat Moshe
Mela bat Natan
Page 19
Miryam bat Avraham
Beila bat Ya'akov
Chaia bat Moshe Yehuda

Page 18
Zisle bat Shmuel
Gittle bat Binyamin Zeev
Chana bat Moshe

Page 20
(German to English translation)
"Please note!
To get a good top-mounted book is especially recommended when you open it:
That one opens up the book not directly in the middle, but first the cover alone and after that gradually turn a smaller number of pages;
to follow (obey) the same also with closing the book."

Coporight c  Center for Jewish History, Leo Baeck Institute archives collection

* * *


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