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R Jehuda Jacob NEUMANN Hatorani was the first person in my NEUMANN family to have lived in Lackenbach. 
It is believed that the family origin is from Turkey and that he is a descendent of the Abarbanel. 
He came from Kobersdorf, lived in Lackenbach, died in 1864 and is buried in Guns (Koszeg).
He was married to Rachel KUNITZ daughter of Moshe KUNITZ. 
Jehuda and Rachel NEUMANN had 4 children, all of them were born in Lackenbach. 
The children were:

Shmuel NEUMANN b.1820 d. 1900 (see  photo underneath)

R David NEUMANN LACKENBACH b. 1821 d. 1908 (see  photos underneath)

Matel (Matilda) NEUMANN

Gali (Cato Kati Abigail) NEUMANN b. 1835

Shmuel NEUMANN (my great great grandfather) was married to Fanni (Feigel) Leitner from Mattersdorf. 
After they married they lived in Guns (Koszeg).
They had 11 children.

R David NEUMANN LACKENBACH was married to Bracha WERTHEIMER.  They had 5 children all of them were born in Bratislava.  R David NEUMANN - LACKENBACH was Rabad in Bratislava.  He was also known as R David LACKENBACH.

 Matel Matilda NEUMANN was married to R Itzchak Itzik KRAMER.  He was a Dayan and Rabbi in Neiheizel.  They had 5 children.

Gali Cato Kati Abigail was married to Jacob Akiva Hertz KAUFMAN. They had 7 children and lived in Komarom.

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ALT Family

The origin of the ALT family is from Eibnitz and that is why the family name was

EIBNITZ - ALT.  MOHRR David Moshe EIBNITZ - ALT b. 1877 in Moravia and d. 1850 in Kobersdorf. 
His wife was Chana KUNITZ daughter of Moshe KUNITZ. 
David ALT was ABDAKK in Kobersdorf  he served for 43 years.  David ALT and Chana had 11 children. 
They were:

R Abraham Eliezer Zeev EIBNITZ, b. 1838, d. 1898 and is buried in Kobersdorf.  He was married to Paulina NEUMANN and they had 7 children.

Chaya Gitel Katrina EIBNITZ - ALT born in Lackenbach was married to R Itzchak Moshe TACHAUER from Eisenstadt Burgenland.  They had one daughter.

Israel (Isel Iser) ALT born in 1833 in Mattersdorf Burgenland and died in 1917.  He was a Rabbi and a shochet.  He was married to Betti (Briendel) LEITNER and they had one son.

Julie ALT

Itzchak (Issak) ALT born in 1829 and was married to Fanny.  They had one daughter.

R Shmuel (Zvi Hirsh) ALT b. 1809 in Kobersdorf, d. 1875 in Vienna. He worked with lace.  Was married to Resi BREUER and they had one daughter.

Heinrich ALT.

Gala Kati ALT b. 1829 in Kobersdorf d. 1870 in Vienna she is buried in Mattersdorf. 
She was married to David Meir Mayer FAKASH.  They had 7 children.

Matel ALT She was married to R Chaim Zvi ROSENFELD.

Jacob ALT.

And then there was a girl that died when she was 6 years old.




My KUNITZ family came from Kanitz Moravia.  Their origin was in the town of Wanfrieden and that was their name, later they changed it to FRIED, FREIDAN and WANFRIED. 

Moshe KUNITZ was the first of the family to arrive at Lackenbach.  Moshe KUNITZ was the son of David FRIED.  Moshe was born in Kanitz and died in 1830 and is buried in Lackenbach.  He was Dayan in Pest and in Lackenbach.  He was known as the KUNITZER.  Moshe and his wife Gali had 4 children they were:

Zvi Hirsh Heinrich, Rachel, Channa, Mordechai.

Zvi Hirsh Heinrich was a Rabbi in Beled Hungary.

Rachel Born in Lackenbach died in 1875 in Neyheizel and is buried in Ersekujvar Slovakia. 
Rachel was the wife of R Jehuda Jacob NEUMANN.

Channa born in1805 in Lackenbach died in 1877 in Kobersdorf. 
Channa was the wife of R David Moshe EIBNITZ - ALT.


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