Sample Page from the Hertz HERZL ROFFE Mohel Book

"Anmerkungen" - Comments - (of Irregular Circumcision)
Most of the irregularities were: "circumcision not on time" (late circumcision); No. 63 and No. 117 were: "born circumcised"

Translation from Yiddsh / Hebrew

63. Manis, son of Moshe Leib KOPSTEIN, 1825
79. Leizer, son of Isr' F"K,  (FRAUENKIRCHEN)1826
115. Avram Hersch, son of  Ruven (Yuval?), 1828
117. Mordechai, son of Arie RECHNITZ, 1828
234. Israel, son of Yoel HOLZER, 1834
242. Mordechai Leib son of Natl SCHAI, 1835
257. Berl, son of Baruch ISENBERG(?) 1835
279. Moshe, son of Yakl HACKER 1839
287. Meir, son of Eli' KLEIZMER, 1840
316. Moshe, son of Mordechai Hersch HOFFMAN 1842
408. Ya'akov Leib, son of Israel1844
441. Pinchas Hersch, son of Moshe Leib LEDRER 1846
492. Shmuel, son of Moshe Leib (possible LEDRER), 1848
604. Manis, son of Ya'akov HACKER 1849
606. Meir, son of Elchanan FRYLER? /FRIDLER? 1849
512. Leib, son of Yosef  K"D (KOBERSDORF) 1849
554. Netl, son of Israel KRONBERGER 1851
630. Yosef, son of Shmuel Leib ERNST 1855
631. Avraham Leib, son of Ya'akov 1856
683. Meir , son of Ya'akov ? 1857
26. Mordechai, son of Moshe
794. Shmuel Leib, son of Meir SHAPIRA
845. Moshe Leib, son of Avraham Yitzhak
861. Moshe Yosef, son of Michael Leizer, K"D (KOBERSDORF)

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