Sample Page from the Hertz HERZL ROFFE Mohel Book

1852 תרי"ב

Translation (from Hebrew & Yiddish):

Heading: (columns from right to left)

1. Number (also in Hebrew letters)
2. Child's name
3. Born (Hebrew Date)
4. Circumcised (Hebrew Date)
5. Year and Month
6. "Khituch" - 1st stage of Circumcision (by Rabbi...)
7. "Pria'a" - 2nd  stage of  Circumcision (By Rabbi...)

Name of Child

586. Heschel son of Itzek K"D (KOBERSDORFER?)
587. Chanan son of Arie FLEISCHMAN
588. Nachum son of Gdalya KOHN
589. Meir son of Moshe Leib LEDERER
590. Natl son of Avraham TICHLER
591. Yosef Leib son of Israel HESS
592. Michael son of Gershon
593. Leizer son of Yosef Shmuel KATZ
594. Meir son of Mordechai Hersch KATZAV(?)

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