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  • Revizskie Skazki: Russian Revision Lists for the Kremenets District, 1806-1874)
    Use Russian reading skills to proofread census records.

  • Polish Business Directory Translation
    Translate entries for Kremenets-district towns from Polish to English.

  • Sefer haPrenumerantn, by Berl Kagan, for Kremenets-district towns
    Find and transliterate names in Hebrew/Yiddish associated with Kremenets-district towns

  • Vsia Rossiya (1895 & 1902) for Kremenets-district towns (U.S. Library of Congress)
    Translate business directory entries from Russian to English.

  • Pinkas Hakehillot Polin (Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities, Poland), by Shmuel Spector
    Translate entries for Kremenets-district towns from Hebrew to English.

  • Yalkut Vohlin (Volhynia Anthology; 1945-1947)
    Translate articles on Kremenets, Rovno, and Shumsk from Hebrew to English.

  • Kremenets Tarbut School
    Translate 1938-1939 student ledgers from Hebrew/ to English

  • Alien Registration (U.S.) Documents for Kremenets-district towns

  • 1922 Kremenets Census
    Translate census records from Polish to English

  • Yad Vashem Testimonies
    Translate first-person Holocaust-era testimonies from Hebrew, Polish, or Yiddish


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