December 2018


Dear Kremenets district friends,

As the end of the secular year approaches, Ron, Sheree, and I would like to thank those of you who have provided funding and services to support the work of the Kremenets Shtetl CO-OP/Kremenets District Research Group. This year, we've completed translation and/or indexing of these records:

  • Russian Revision Lists (censuses, 1817-1850): 16,657 Kremenets-district households (76,462 people) in the towns of Annopol, Belozirka, Berezhets, Goshcha, Katerburg, Kilikiev, Kremenets, Kunev, Lakhovtsy, Lanovtsy, Mizhirich, Oleksinets, Ostrog, Pochayev, Podberezhets, Radzivilov, Rokhmanov, Shumsk, Vishnevets, Vyshgorodok, and Yampol; the complete translation of more than 50,000 entries from 1816 to 1834 will soon be available at JRI-Poland.
  • Shumsk Births, 1897, 1902, 1905, 1908-1913, 1916-1917, 1920-1936
  • Pochayev Births, 1891-1936
  • Shumsk Marriages, 1883-1891, 1923-1926, 1935
  • Lanovtsy Marriages, 1880-1900, 1917, 1920-1937
  • Kremenets Powiat, Private Business Owners, 1934-1935 and 1936
  • Kremenets Illegal Artisans, 1936
  • Sefer Vishnivits (yizkor book of Vishnevets, Ukraine)

Personal names and their associated town names from all of these updates are searchable via the Kremenets Concordance Database Index. The Concordance now includes more than 375,000 entries extracted from various documents and other resources relating to Jews of Kremenets District towns. Of the 1,224 towns cited, the most commonly mentioned are Kremenets, Vishnevets, Radzivilov
Shumsk, Katerburg, Yampol, Ostrog, Vyshgorodok, Lanovtsy, Belozirka, Oleksinets, Pochayev, Berezhtsy, and Rokhmanov.

Translations of all of these records are available on our Contributors Site(available to those who have donated money or services during the previous two years). 

As I write this message, work is continuing on the following projects, and many others are in the pipeline awaiting translation and indexing:

  • Kremenits, Vyshgorodek, un Potshayuv yizkor bukh (partially translated)
  • Revizskiy Skazki (Revision Lists, Census) and Supplements and other censuses and family lists, Kremenets District towns, 1858-1879

If you'd like to help with our projects, please consider

  1. Making a contribution to the Kremenets account via JRI Poland. Donations fund the acquisition and translation of additional documents and records. Please see below for ways to donate.
  2. Contributing services by translating documents, providing us with new documents and datasets, volunteering to help input and/or process new data, or providing technical web services. If you can help, please send us an email (

Many thanks for your continued interest in our work.

Ellen Garshick
Silver Spring, Maryland

Board Member and Yizkor Book Translation Coordinator, Kremenets Shtetl CO-OP
an activity of the Kremenets District Research Group
Researching BAT, AVERBAKH from Kremenets, Shumsk, Katerburg, and Folvarki, Ukraine; GERSHIK, HURWITCH from Staryye Dorogi and Bobruisk, Belarus; ROTHKOPF (ROTKOP), GOLDBERG from Bialystok, Poland, and Baranivichi and Slonim, Belarus



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