Photos of Zagórze

Photos of  Zagórze. Submitted by Howard Nightingale. 


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Road Sign / Entrance to  Zagórze

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This is the school in Zagorze that Fayge Nightingale nee Goldman attended.  Fayge is Howard Nightingale's late mother. The school is now a private home.

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The house where Joseph Goldman had his Bar Mitzvah in 1943.  The home had one room set aside    ( a Shtibel ) and the Jews from Zagorze prayed there daily.   It was situated just outside the town limit. 

[ Shtibel is a "one room" synagogue.  Usually a room in the Rabbi's house or someone who allows a mynian or two to come together and pray.  Most shtetlach had, in addition to synagogues, several shtiblech.  In shtetlach were there was no Synagogue and if people could not travel to a nearby town with a synagogue they used the Shtibel for all occasions. "Shtibel" (singular) literally means a little house in Yiddish.  S.L.B.]

For more information read Howard Nightingale's Travelogue "Journey In Search Of My Roots"  

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