Photos of Mielec Institutions, Schools and Buildings.


Photos of Mielec Institutions, Schools and Buildings.
Submitted by Stanislaw Wanatowicz

Stanislaw Wanatowicz is a resident of Mielec who has collected a vast amount of information and material about the Mielec Jewish Community.  We are most grateful to him for having donated this material to us.

The Old Cheder at Legionów Street
Photo taken in 2000

Pinkas KRANZ Hospital
Photo taken in 2002

Baron Hirsch School
Photo taken c. 1930

ZUCKERBRODT Mill at Legionów Street
Photo taken in 2002


Gymnasium  -  High School
Submitted by Felicity Verstandig Bloch

This is the Gymnasium attended by Mr. Mark Verstandig.
Mr. Verstandig was born in Mielec and survived the Holocaust by hiding in farms in the Mielec neighborhood.
Mr. Verstandig is the author of " I  Rest My Case "

Mielec Gimnasia1.jpg (106873 bytes) Mielec Gimnasia2.jpg (87404 bytes)


This photo is part of Tomek Wisniewski's extensive collection:
" We are in search of Poland Society"
They are reproduced here with his permission

Mielec Gymnasium [High School] built in 1906.
Photo taken in 1940

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