Faces Of Mielec


Faces of Mielec. 
Submitted by Stanislaw Wanatowicz

Stanislaw Wanatowicz is a resident of Mielec who has collected a vast amount of information and material about the Mielec Jewish Community.  We are most grateful to him for having donated this material to us.

Joel CZORTKOWER Professor of the Gymnasium in Mielec


Abba FENICHEL - Balagula - Coachman
Drawing by unknown person.

Psachje HONIG

Name unknown.  Probably the Dayan. 
Photo taken c. 1910

Mielec Couple. Names Unknown.
Photo taken C. 1935



Memorable People

Rabbi Juda Horowitz ?
Photo taken c. 1910

Rabbi and Rebetzen Juda Horowitz ?
Photo taken c. 1910

Tzaddik Benzion Halberstam the Bobower Rebbe in Mielec, about 1925

Mielec Jews visiting Bishop Lisowski during his travel to Padew near Mielec


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