Monument in Memory of the Jews of Mielec and vicinity - Old Jewish Cemetery

Submitted by Anna Kwiatkowska

In 1993 Mrs. Rachela Sussman of the US had the remaining part of the Old Jewish Cemetery fenced in and a monument erected with inscriptions in English, Hebrew and Polish.  

The Memorial Monument is a hexagon [six sided] obelisk built in black granite. At the top there is a Magen David [Star of David]. The base of the monument has three Magen Davids and three inscriptions: English, Hebrew and Polish.


Monument in Memory of the
Jews of Mielec and vicinity.

Close-up photo of the Memorial Monument.
Note the Magen David (Star of David) on top.

Base of the Memorial Monument
with Hebrew inscription.

Close-up of Hebrew inscription.

English inscription.

Close-up of Polish inscription.


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