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People whose Birth or Residence was Albigowa 


Syma Bader

Klara Brener

Wolf Volf Zeev Brener

Moses Domb

Melech Fass

Sheindel  Fass

Nuskih  Fass

Aaron Fass

Roisa Fass

Roisa Fass

Luzer Goldman

Malka Goldman

Abraham Tzvi Goldman

Lana Kesten

Israel Kesten

Chaim Kesten

Sara Landau

Dawid /  David Landesman

Rywka / Rivka Landesman

Dawid / David Landesman

Herschek Landesman

Avraham Landesman

Itel Landesman

Gitla / Gitl / Gitel Tova Landesman

David Lantzman / Landesman

Rywka / Rivka Lantzman / Landesman

Abracham / Avraham Lantzman / Landesman

Leon Lorberfeld

Ester Lorberfeld

Natan Lorberfeld

Rifka Lowenbraun

Mania Schipper

Osias Schipper


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