Albigowa Business Directory

The 1929 Business Directory: Submitted and translated by Susana Leistner Bloch.


Village and community,
Powiat(county) Lańcut,
Lańcut county court,
Rzeszow district court.
2356 inhabitants.
7 km from the railway station.
Telegraf and telephone in Lańcut,
Post-office in Albigowa.
1 catholic church,
Agricultural female school,
Basket-makers school.
Landowners: count Potocki Alfred x Kolko Rolnicze.


Savings and Loans Bank:   X Kasa Stefczyka
Carpenters:   Bem  W.
Tanneries:   Blank  Chaim
Cartwrights:   Kolak  P.
Basket Makers:   Albigowski
Blacksmith:   Babiarz  W.
Taylors:   Jozefczyk  W.–  Ulman  J.
Dairies:  "Spolka Mlezarska"
Mills:   Blaszczyk  St. - Count Potocky Alfr.
Masons:   Babiarz  R.
Breweries:   Kielar
General merchandise retailers:   Fass I.–  Gersten H –  Kesten Z -
Midwives:   Szpunar
Carpenters:   Murjas  W.
Coopers:  Kuzniar A.
Brush Makers:   Kuzniar  J.
Silk -fabrics:   Witschner  P.
Shoemakers:   Kluz  W.
Cattle-trade:   Glosse I.–  Lew  A – Rejzer  S. –  Wasacz  W.
Brick-yards:   Blaszczyk
Public-Houses / Taverns / Liquor Stores:   Koncfal  Fr. -  Mellon R.


Translator’s note: the X before a name indicates that it was a Registered Business or Firm

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