Manasterz Business Directory

Business Directory:  The 1929 Business Directory. Submitted and translated by  Susana Leistner Bloch.




Village and community,
Przeworsk Powiat(county), Przeworsk County Court,
Rzeszow District Court.
849 inhabitants.
Railway station: on the Dynów Przeworsk line
Post-office, Telegraph and telephone in Kańczuga.

1 Catholic Church,

Midwives:  Mazur  A.
Fabric Merchants:   Bader  L. –  Feldstein  D. –  Kalter S. – Sierpinski  J.
Savings and Loan Banks: X Kasa Steiczyka
Blacksmiths:   Paryka  J.
Mills:  Zyglado  F.
Masons / Bricklayers:  Wipiam (?)  A.
General / Variety Store / Sundries:  Mroczka  J.
Cabinet Makers / Joiners:   Balycki  St. –  Hundz  A. –
  Szal  K.
Cobblers / Shoe Repairers:  Mazur P.
Tabacco products
:   Dyzma  P. –  Laska  M. –  Sierpinski J. –  Zajac  M.
Windmills:   Szal  K.
Public-Houses / Taverns / Liquor Stores: Hammer  L.

Translator’s note: the X before name indicates that it was a Registered Business or Firm.


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