Photos of Gać 

Submitted by Howard Nightingale


Maria Swiatek with Howard Nightingale. Maria is  Sebastian Swiatek's widow. Sebastian is Stefan Swiatek's brother. Sebastian was the head of the Polish resistance for the area and his widow still remembered Howard's mother. 

NIGHTINGALE GAC  Leah Goldman's house.jpg (45911 bytes)

Leah Goldman's home in Gać. Leah was Howard Nightingale's maternal great grandmother's sister.

NIGHTINGALE GAC house barn where Joseph hid.jpg (30666 bytes)

This is the home where Joseph Goldman hid in the barn. Joseph was hidden by Stefan Swiatek who also saved other Jews from nearby shtetlach.  Stefan was awarded the Yad Yashem Certificate as a Righteous Gentile. [see photo under "Holocaust]

NIGHTINGALE GAC Road Sign.jpg (44301 bytes)

Road Sign / Entrance to Gać 


For more information read Howard Nightingale's travelogue "Journey In Search Of My Roots "

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