Postcards of DÍbica, Poland

Debica City Court.jpg (142848 bytes)

DÍbica City Court. DÍbica City Court. Printed by  B. Fett  in 1916.  Stamp dated : April 1923

Debica Total View.jpg (164392 bytes)

DÍbica  -  Total view. Mailed and stamped in 1909

Debica 5 Views.jpg (171434 bytes)

Postcard with 5 different views.  Buildings, Market, Railway Station, City Hall, Bridge. Published by Hauser of DÍbica.   Mailed and stamped 1916


Debica post offices.jpg (33137 bytes)

Old and New Post Offices Photo taken c.1913-1916 
Printed by B. Fett

Debica rail bridge.jpg (28228 bytes)

Railway Bridge  over the Wisloka River. It links DÍbica to Grabiny.   c. 1910 Printed by B. Fett  - S. Bigus

Debica kaweczyn.jpg (24376 bytes)

Kaweczin: circa 1910-1915. It's now a neighborhood within DÍbica. A few centuries ago, it was more autonomous. Printed by B. Fett - S. Bigus

Debica rynel hotel polski.jpg (28048 bytes)

Rynek- Main Square. Showing Hotel Polski: 1915 /1916. Printed by H.Hauser

Debica liceum.jpg (35413 bytes)

DÍbica Gimnazyum / Liceum - High School. Printed by A Beidner  - 1913

Debica notary.jpg (41006 bytes)

Notary Public Residency (Villa). Printed by H. Hauser - 1918

Debica Railway station.jpg (40761 bytes)

DÍbica Railway Station. Printed by H. Hauser - 1908 - 1910

Debica Gymnazium.jpg (49056 bytes)

DÍbica Gimnazyum / Liceum - High School. Printed  by H.Hauser -1916

Debica Old City.jpg (40291 bytes)

View of the Old City. Printed by  M.Rosenberg - 3 August1937

Debica Market Place North.jpg (31741 bytes)

DÍbica Market Place - North Side. Printed by B.Fett & S.Bigus -  c. 1916

Debica Hauser Printing Shop.jpg (38365 bytes)

H. Hauser Printing Shop - 1917. This postcard shows two views of the printing shop: before and after it's destruction in WW1

Debica Market Place North 2.jpg (36078 bytes)

DÍbica Market Place: North View. Printed by: B.Fett & S.Bigus - 1916

Debica Market Place ruins.jpg (36356 bytes)

DÍbica Market Place showing damage from WW1. Printed by H.Hauser - 1915

Debica Old City 2.jpg (37135 bytes)

DÍbica Old City. Printed by H.Hauser - 1916

Debica Castle.jpg (43250 bytes)

DÍbica Castle (Fort?). Printed by B.Fett  & S.Bigus -1927

Debica Market Place North 3.jpg (42892 bytes)

DÍbica Market Place:  North Side. Printed by B.Fett - 1916

Debica Old and New Bridge.jpg (56896 bytes)

This is a double postcard showing: The Old and the New  Railway Bridge. The railway was an important economic/military asset. The railroad bridge across the Wisloka River was destroyed in in WW1 and WW2. Printed by H.Hauser -1915-16

Debica 3 postcards WW1.jpg (71100 bytes)

Postcard showing three views: Top:  Cavalry Barracks. Middle:  Infantry Barracks. Bottom:  Russian Prisoners of War. Printed by H. Hauser 1915-6

Debica soldiers in front of railway.jpg (57113 bytes)

Soldiers in front of Railway Station. Printed by  B.Fett -1915-18. Either Austrian Soldiers or Galician K.u.K. They used the same grey uniforms


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