Salton, George Lucius

With Anna Salton Eisen


The 23rd Psalm

A Holocaust Memoir

The University of Wisconsin Press

ISBN 0-299-17970-2  

George Lucius Salton (Luzek Saltzman) was born in Tyczyn and lived there as a young boy.  He survived the Holocaust and emigrated to the United States after liberation. He earned degrees in physics and engineering and had a successful career in the U.S. Department of Defense and private industry. He lives in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

George Salton has generously contributed material for the Tyczyn Webpage.

“ In September, 1939, George Lucius Salton's boyhood in Tyczyn, Poland, was shattered by escalating violence and terror under German occupation. His father, a lawyer, was forbidden to work, but eleven-year-old George dug potatoes, split wood, and resourcefully helped his family. They suffered hunger and deprivation, a forced march to the Rzeszów ghetto, then eternal separation when fourteen-year-old George and his brother were left behind to labor in work camps while their parents were deported in boxcars to die in Belzec.  “

(Quoted portion reprinted with permission)

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