Jewish Census of Ulanów, 1930-39

The 1930-39 Jewish census of Ulanów is a real treasure.  Hopefully, it will eventually be put up on the internet as a searchable database.  It contains the Jewish inhabitants from over 609 houses, which included over 1360 Jewish citizens who lived in Ulanów during the 1930-1939 period.  What makes this census extraordinary is the listing of each person’s father and mother, including the mother’s maiden name!  Some of the people in this census were in their 70s and 80s in 1930, and their parents are listed!  Even if your family left Ulanów before 1900, there is bound to be some family that remained.  An important item to keep in mind, is that 80% of the Jews of Ulanów were orthodox.  They did not bother with an official civic marriage, only a religious one.  Because of this, many people have the surname of their mother, not their father or a combination of the two  surname like: ______ r. _______.  For example: Silber r. Aron (Silber is residing with Aron).  At some point, one name or the other would become their permanent name! 

The categories that are contained in the census are:  House number; Surname (or married name); Given name; Year of Birth, Place of Birth; Father’s full name; Mother’s full maiden name; Misc. information.

At this time, I cannot put the census on the internet due to Polish Privacy Laws.  While I am trying to receive permission, it will certainly take some time to accomplish, if ever!  If you have ancestors from Ulanów, or believe you do, then just email me the surnames and I will email you back whatever information I have on that surname.

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