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Comments on Town of Ulanów, 2003
By David Wurtzel (with editing by Melody Katz)

I had a shorter visit in 2003 to Ulanów, than in 1999, when I met the priest and the local historian.  The town has become very prosperous.  I don't know why.  There are two new shops in the rynek (market place).  Men were laying new sidewalks in May 3 Street, where the Jewish families once lived, and the unpaved side streets now at least have rocks, if not asphalt.  Outside the town, there is a little suburb of new houses, which would not look out of place in the San Fernando Valley (the Polish countryside is full of new houses, but they do not seem to use their own vernacular).  As for the cemetery, the gates are in good order, the pillars have been re-white washed and the tombstones themselves are in good condition. The surrounding outer wooden fence is rather falling apart and there is still a lot of underbrush, but the site survives very well.  I left flowers by a number of  tombstones, and said Kaddush for all our ancestors.

This has been reprinted with the kind permission of David Wurtzel. 

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