Travel To Ulanów

Travel To Ulanów
Edited by Melody Katz

We entered the town from the north, I believe.  We crossed a bridge over a beautiful stream, and behind us were fields and trees and several horses feeding on grass.  We took photos here and nearby, where there were very old wooden houses and unpaved streets.  An old church was also in this area.  There was a main square with small one-story shops and a restaurant.  A school was at the opposite end.  At the City Hall we couldn’t find anyone who spoke English, so we drove to an elementary school and found a teacher who spoke English.  She called the records office and we learned there were no Jewish records.  We didn’t see a Jewish cemetery, but we really didn’t look for one.  The town is very small.

Written by Sy Pearlman


I visited Ulanów in October 1994, together with my wife and some business people I am working with in Slovakia, who spoke Polish.  We were visiting people in nearby picturesque Sandomierz and we didn’t arrive in Ulanów until after nightfall.  We drove down a few streets and stopped in a general store on the main square, which was the only business that was open.  The owner was friendly and tried to get me to meet a 102-year old lady, to talk about the history of Ulanów and life when my ancestors left (1887/1888).  However, she was too sick to meet me.  Time seems to have stood still in Ulanów... there are still some homes built of wooden logs.  Because it was night, I didn’t take any photos of Ulanów, except in the General Store.  We then spent the night in a sports complex/hotel in nearby Tarnobrzeg.  It was a fairly new facility, but the hotel staff hadn’t learned about service, and we had to beg for heat, although it was snowing.

Written by Richard Schwarzstein


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