Rabbis of Ulanów


  • Rabbi Joseph Yaski, chief rabbi of Ulanów, son of R. Jehiel Mikhl of Dukla, author of the book Ohel Mo’ed  and other commentaries on the [Mishnaic] order of Mo’ed (Frankfurt on the Oder:  1766).
  • Rabbi Jacob Naphtali, son of R. Isaac Harif of Sambor.  In his youth he was chief rabbi of Ulanów and after the death of his father he became chief rabbi of Sambor.
  • Rabbi Abraham, son of R. Isaac Harif, brother of Rabbi Jacob Naphtali.  When he was young he settled in Lwow, and then became chief rabbi of Glogow.  When his brother became chief rabbi of Sambor, he took his place in Ulanów and died there around 1824.
  • Rabbi Elijah (Solomon) the Kabbalist, son of R. Jacob, grandson of R. Shachna of Lublin.  His mother was the daughter of R. Kalonymos, son-in-law of Rabbi [Nathan] Shapira, author of the book Tov ha-aretz.  He was forced to leave the Kingdom of Poland and move to Italy.  From Italy he moved to Amsterdam.  He wrote the book Birkat Eliyahu.
  • Rabbi Mordecai Rosental


Information obtained from Toledot/Vol. 4, Nos. 1-2.


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