Nissenfeld Notary Document, Dated 1876

Translated in 2002

There appeared before me Filip Jandel [c.k.? I don't know what this abbreviation means] Notary in Ulanów by the decree of [c.k?] the circuit court of June 29 1876 number 10401 acting deputy for Notary for Lezajsk: Jankiel Nisenfeld, home-owner and tavern-keeper in Debno along with his wife Hawa Nisenfeld, who resides with her husband in Debno, and the couple named attests in the presence of myself and of witnesses to the document who at the same time confirm the identity of Jankiel & Hawa Nisenfeld as follows:

[stamps cover the first part] Jankiel and Hawa Nisenfeld attest that we borrowed the sum of 200 zlotys from Ruchla Wang in Lezajsk, which sum Ruchla Wang counted out to the undersigned couple   [page 2] in the presence of the [c.k.?] Notary and the undersigned witnesses.  By virtue of their signatures the couple Jankiel & Hawa Nisenfeld obligate themselves to repay the borrowed sum of 200 zlotys plus interest at 18% one year from today's date to Ruchla Wang personally, or to her legal heirs/representatives, that is, together with the interest, the sum of 236 zlotys.
In case of nonpayment of this sum by this date Ruchla Wang is entitled, in accordance with paragraph 3 of the notary law dated July 25 1871, to property-seizure rights, which the couple by virtue of this document clearly acquiesce to.

I read this notarial document, prepared by myself, to the parties involved in the presence of witnesses personally known to me - namely Izrael Ohlbaum? a tavern-keeper residing in Lezajsk
[something illegible] Jozef Hirschfeld [another profession: looks like faklor or fakler, and I don't know what it means] residing in Lezajsk, who verifiy the identities of Jakiel & Hawa Nisenfeld.  The parties involved confirm that this document is written in accordance with their will, in evidence of which Jankiel & Hawa Nisenfeld mark the document in Hebrew wiriting.  The witness Izrael Oehlbaum signs their names and surnames to the document, after which the
witnesses and Notary also sign the document.  With this addition: Jankiel & Hawa Nisenfeld permit the primary copy of this document to be issued to Ruchla Wang.

[This document has the following signatures at the bottom of the page as witnesses, etc: Israel Oehlbaum;  Josef Hirschfeld; Jankel Nisenfeld; Hawa Nisenfeld.

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