Translated Letter from Gemilath Chessod Kassa in Ulanów
Dated Aug. 2, 1938


Dear Brethren,

        Despite our appeals for support to our Kassa sent to you direct, we now apply to you through the intermediary of the American Joint Distribution Committee in New York.  This is a distressed appeal written in a desperate moment, and we hope that, this time, you will not leave it unanswered.
        We do not think it necessary to give you again an account of our situation which we described already in our previous letters.  The Polish trade is encouraged by the Government; “pickets” are watching the Jewish shops, and the effect of the boycott campaign on the Jewish population, which is mainly composed of merchants, market-traders and artisans, can be easily imagined.  We are sending you attached a list of borrowers and would ask you to read it carefully through.  You will certainly remember that many of them were formerly well-to-do people.  Now, they cannot do without a loan of 50 zlotys.  Among them are also people who lived for thirty years in villages, such as:  E. Karp, J. Gerstein and his son-in-law, H. Derfeld Dobra and Reuven Birnbaum.  They had to leave their old places as their lives were in danger, and came to our town.  The Kassa helped them to establish dairies on which they live and are able to repay their loans regularly.  We assisted many of the market-traders, by helping them to engage themselves in other occupations, such as basket manufacture, small trade, etc.  However, despite our great efforts, we are unable to meet all the demands for loans and the applicants must often wait for several months before we can grant them the loans.  We know that quick help is far more efficient, but are unable to give it.  We do not make any exceptions as a rule.  Everybody is treated equally and loans are issued in accordance with the consecutive numbers of the applications.  We therefore appeal to you, our brethren, to help us to save the people of our hometown from ruin.  A greater and steadier assistance coming from your end will help us in our efforts to alleviate the misery of the town.
        The question of the former butchers who are unable to carry on their trade is a special problem.  They must be retrained in the basket manufacture, and there is still much to be done in this field.  But the town is lacking means.
        Dear Brethren, we would point out on this occasion that the help you have been giving us until now in the form of Passover relief and of special contributions for various communal purposes, is not the most profitable way of extending help.  The prevailing conditions demand help of a different kind.  We are sending you enclosed several cuttings from the local press from which you will see what other Landsmannschaften are doing for their towns.  It is worth while mentioning that the town of Kleck received $2,500; Wyszkow- $2,000; Belsyce- $1,000; Lachowice- $1,972.  All of these towns are not larger than ours.  We would also mention on this occasion that many Landsmannschaften give free long-term credits to their home towns.  The tasks we have to fulfill are great; our means are limited, and the situation is critical and immediate action is required.  Through the intermediary of the A.J.D.C. we appeal to you for assistance to your brethren in Ulanów.  Please help us as much as you can.  Save the local Jew from mendicity.  Support the G.Ch. Kassa which, alone, can help us to preserve our economics position.
        Anticipating your favorable reply,
                    Sincerely yours,
                    The Management
                Chairman:  Itzhak Hochberger
                Secretary:  [illegible]

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