Cemetery Facts and Descriptions

Cemetery Facts and Descriptions
By Jacek Proszyk
Edited by Melody Katz

**The Cemetery is located outside the town, behind the building of the Community Center, 350 meters away from the Catholic cemetery.  The cemetery is listed in the Record of the Monument, number 287/A and it protected now by the law.  There are two plates embedded in the cemetery gate with an inscription on them, “The Jewish cemetery in Ulanów.  It was founded around 1700 and it is the biggest cemetery in Tarnobrzeg province.  There are 150 maceba’s in the cemetery, most of them being from the 19th century.  It was acknowledged as a National Cultural Monument in 1984.  It has been renovated thanks to the efforts of the Society of Ulanów.”

**The Jewish cemetery was assumed to be established in 1700.  It covers an area of around 1.5 hectare.  There are 200 gravestones there; 20 of them totally broken and illegible.  Inscriptions are in Hebrew only.  During my cataloging, I have found the oldest gravestone so far found is from 1825 (#179).  There were renovating works carried out between 1985-1986.  A wooden fence was put around the cemetery and an iron wicket gate was built, ornamented with the Star of David.

**The Gravestones in the cemetery have very rich and interesting symbols.  Most of them are vertical plates surmounted by semicircular curves.  Most have Hebrew letters at the top meaning: “was buried here”, and symbolic bas-relief presenting the following:  Levies’ vases, hands of Cohen, crown, candlesticks, books, lions, and other symbols.  The text of the epitaph begins with an introduction, which is usually a passage from the Bible or a maxim.  Then praising epithets are used telling of the virtues of the dead person, after which the person’s name is mentioned, followed by father’s name, then date of death.  Every inscription on the gravestones end with the expression:  May his/her soul be bound up in the bonds of eternal life.

**Jozef Lizak, the priest from Ulanów, has held his post since 1959.  He has a truly friendly-like attitude towards the history of the Jews of Ulanów and towards their cemetery.  It was his idea to set the grave stones in order, build the fence and the beautiful gate in the Jewish cemetery in 1985/86.  He is open to meeting descendants of the Jews of Ulanów and he is will to help.  Contact:  ks. Jozef Lizak, Koscielna str. 29, 37-410 Ulanów, tel. +48-15-8763024.

**During World War II, Ulanów was an area of extensive activities of the Polish Underground Army against the German Army.

Information supplied by Jacek Proszyk, as part of his completed work on the Ulanów Cemetery Project.  This has been reproduced with Mr. Proszyk's kind permission.


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