Tyczyn Photos

Photos of Tyczyn taken in 1998.  Submitted by George Salton.

TYCZYN Tuchman House photo 1.jpg (22104 bytes)

TUCHMAN Family House: On the north side of the Tyczyn Market Square. The store on the right of the photograph ( now an ice cream shop) was the Judenrat Office during years 1939 to 1942  (in 1942 all Tyczyn Jews were moved to Rzeszow)

TYCZYN Tyczyn Elementary school 2.jpg (19303 bytes)

The Tyczyn Public Elementary School  (grades 1 to 7).  Attended by all Tyczyn children, Jewish and Christian.  Now closed

TYCZYN Salzman House  photo 3.jpg (18831 bytes)

The house where the Salzman family lived. The house was near the Tyczyn Courthouse. (The building was fully renovated in 1996-97)

TYCZYN South side Market square photo 4.jpg (38936 bytes)

South side of the Tyczyn Market Square. The building with the decorative structure on the roof was the old Tyczyn City Hall  (a new City hall now stands on the East side of the Tyczyn Market Square). The building on the far side of the old City hall belonged to the WACKS  family.  Past the Wacks building, visible behind the trees is  GOLDMAN building. Before and during the WWII, the Market Square did not have trees on it.  it had a few wooden kiosks and an open area for weekly farmers markets.

TYCZYN West side Market square  photo 5.jpg (28849 bytes)

Buildings on the West side of the Tyczyn Market Square.Virtually all the buildings were owned by Jews.

TYCZYN Zianertski House photo 6.jpg (37964 bytes)

Private home owned by the  ZIARNETSKI family, Now converted into a store.

TYCZYN Roskiewicz Villa photo 7.jpg (37795 bytes)

The ROSKIEWICZ  villa. Attractive before the war, now a deteriorated derelict.

TYCZYN Verstandig House photo 8.jpg (42654 bytes)

A home owned by the VERSTANDIG family . Still relatively unchanged.  It stands next to Elementary School. The buildings next to it are new

TYCZYN Alley photo 9.jpg (29233 bytes)

An alley leading from the southeastern corner of the Tyczyn Market Square to the area where cattle and horse market was and where the Jewish School (Chaider) was located.

TYCZYN Court building photo 10.jpg (27172 bytes)

The Tyczyn Court building.  Built during the Austrian times. It is now a school.


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