Photos the The Kalter Family

    The Kalter Family -  Submitted by Judith Kalter Ritter


Sedziszˇw Selma Low Kalter.jpg (78167 bytes)

Selma Low Kalter

Sedziszˇw KALTER Family.jpg (124599 bytes)

Kalter family:  Pearl Geber nee Malter - Isaak  Kalter  -  Esther
Nussbaum nee Shickler

Sedziszˇw Morris Kalter.jpg (74495 bytes)

Morris Kalter - 1905

Sedziszˇw Uninditified group photo.jpg (219021 bytes)

Unidentified group photo.  Possibly Kalter Family

Sedziszˇw Uninditified photo of a Lady.jpg (75887 bytes)

Unidentified photo of a Lady




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