Photos of Rozwadow

Photos of Rozwadów taken in July 2002.  Submitted by Sheldon Rabin

Photos of the Main Square (next to the Marketplace) where on July 21 1942 the Nazis conducted their final roundup of circa 400 Jews.  Many were killed on the spot and the survivors shipped to a nearby labour camp.
Leaving Stalowa Wola / Rozwadów.  There is no Rozwadów sign as Rozwadów is now fully incorporated into Stalowa Wola. The old Rozwadów Synagogue.  It is located on the corner of the old Rye [Marketplace].  It was a bakery after the war but is now a sporting goods and miscellany shop.Where once there was a door and window it is now replaced by solid wall.  

The Rozwadów Post Office

The San River.  As you look at this photo, the Red Army controlled the Eastern (left) side and the Nazis controlled the western (right) side where Rozwadów was located.   It was the line between "freedom" of sorts or likely death.  As we know now from Rozwadów survivors who fled to the Red Army side and were shipped to labour camps in Siberia and elsewhere during the war, this river marked in effect the difference between Rozwadowers who lived and those who perished.

A photo taken from the same location as the San River photo.  It shows the general area in Rozwadów where many of the 2.000 or so Jews in had their homes before the war.

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