Photo of Torah from Rozwadów

Submitted by Peter Dreifus

Rozwadów Still Lives Today

Four decades ago, The Benei Moshe Horowicz Chevra of New York, a New York based organization of landsmen from Rozwadów donated a Torah to Israel. It was their intention that the flame of Rozwadów continue to burn in the land of Israel. The Israeli Religious Ministry in turn presented the Torah to the Ohel R' Yosef Synagogue in Afula, Israel where it remains today.

Is this Torah from Rozwadów?

Currently, the Baal-Koreh of the Ohel R' Yosef Synagogue, Mr. Israel Halperin believes so. Observing how the Torah suffered the effects of the passing years, Mr. Halperin sought the help of The Benei Moshe Horowicz Chevra of the USA, only to learn that the Chevra has vanished like the shtetl itself. This is the same Chevra that published the Rozwadów Yizkor Book along with The Irgun Yotzey Rozwadów Chevra in Israel and The Rozwadower Association of Belgium. The Torah has aged and can no longer be read in services until it is re-koshered. The beginning of this process is underway and has been examined by a sofer [scribe] from Haifa, who is highly experienced with old and ancient torah. It is hoped that the Sofer may be able to comment on its origin.  In either case the Torah was a seed from the tree that was Rozwadów.


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