Photos of Rozwadow

Photos taken by Kenneth Edgar on his visit to Rozwadów in June 2004.

View from Rynek [Central Market Square]

View of Park in Rynek [Central Market Square]

Street off Rynek [Central Market Square]

Another view of the park in the town Rynek [Central Market Square]

Street in Rozwadów

Street in Rozwadów

View of the restored Lubomirski Castle which is now a museum.



Vestiges of Former Jewish Life in Rozwadów

Rozwadów Bet Hamidrash  [House of Study]

Close up view shows date of Beit-Hamidrash [House of Study] structure

Yellow building on left was Rabbi's house.  Building on right with orange roof was once a Mikvah.

Street in front of Rabbi's house and Mikvah

View of empty lot that was the site of the now destroyed Rozwadów synagogue

Small display on Jewish history in the Local History Museum in the restored Lubormiski Castle in Rozwadów. 



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