Ranischau Business Directory


Business Directory:  The 1929 Ranischau Business Directory. Submitted and translated by Susana Leistner Bloch.

The German Colony of Ranischau was very near Raniźów. The Colony no longer exists . Although no Jews are known to have lived in this village the 1929 Business Directory lists some Jewish merchants ( Katz, Reich …)




Village and community,
County (Powiat) Kolbuszowa,
Sokołów County Court,
Rzeszόw District Court, 369 inhabitants
23 km distant from railway station.
Telephone Rzeszow,
Telegraph and Post Office in Raniźów,
1 Protestant Church

Fabrics / Fabric merchants: Birnbach M.
Harfekder K.
General / Variety Store / Sundries: 
Reipold F.
Leather / Hides: 
Dinkelblaum L.
Food Products: 
Katz Sz. – Nussbaum R.
Cabinet Makers/ Joiners: 
Wiązek M.
Shoemakers / Cobblers: 
Dzioba F.
Pork Butchers: 
Ortwajn K.
Licensed Public-Houses / Taverns / Liquor Stores: 
Birnbach R.


Translator’s note: the x before name indicates that it was a Registered Business or Firm


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