Przeworsk Archival Holdings

The following Archives have documents for Przeworsk:

Central National Historical Archive of Ukraine in Lwów

Volumes of courts of the first instance and of the district courts of Przeworsk (before 1795).


Przemysl State Archives

Archival records of Przeworsk from 1664-1950


Extracts from the documents of municipal authorities and court of assessors, archival records from the period of partition
(the end of 18 c. up to 1918), documents of municipality from 1918-1950.

District authorities, presidiums of people’s town, district and village councils, state repatriation offices, district electoral committee.

Courts of justice and notariates:
District court of justice of Przeworsk
Documents of notariates of Przeworsk

Please note that up to 1995 there were Birth, Deaths and other archival documents but the last time the Archive was contacted these records were no longer available at the Przemysl Archives

How to contact the Archive:

Seat of The State Archive in Przemyśl
37-700 Przemyśl, ul. Lelewela 4
tel.+48 16 670-35-38

Fax.+48 16 670-76-34, 

E-mail :
Director: Bogusław Bobusia, M.A.


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