A Righteous Gentile


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Edward Winiarskich - A righteous Gentile, received a letter of recognition from Yad Vashem as "righteous person".  He can hardly read the letter through his cataract-smitten eyes.  Edward Winiarskich saved the lives of his next door neighbor and her three daughters (Hertz family) by hiding them in his cellar.

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Edward Winiarskich holding the document from Yad Vashem declaring him a "Righteous Gentile", outside his home in Grębów with Judi Garfinkel and her daughter Ariel .

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Clockwise, starting with Edward Winiarskich, our translator/guide, Judi Garfinkel's daughter Ariel, Judi Garfinkel, village man,  Winiarskich's caretaker


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To read about this Righteous Gentile go to J. Larry Brown's  Travelogue: Family Roots in Polish Towns.

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