Photos of Grębów


GREBOW Near Town Center.jpg (46495 bytes)

Grębów road just outside village center.

GREBOW Near Town Center2.jpg (42558 bytes)

Grębów road leading to village center.

GREBOW Jew House1.jpg (82512 bytes)

Typical late 19th century Jewish home.

GREBOW Jew House2.jpg (79905 bytes)

Typical late 19th century Jewish home.

GREBOW GARFUNKEL Store.jpg (50535 bytes)

Judi Garfinkel and her daughter Ariel stand on the site of the former Garfunkel store, which burned down in 1999. The brick foundation is still visible.

GREBOW Judi Garfunkel tavern.jpg (38213 bytes)

Garfunkel Tavern owned by Chana Malka and Hersh Zvi Goldwasser. The family residence was upstairs and the tavern below.

GREBOW Railway Station1.jpg (122725 bytes)

Old Railway Station. This station is not in use now.

GREBOW Building with swastika1.jpg (106944 bytes)

Wall of a Grębów building swastikas graffiti. 

GREBOW Righteous House.jpg (87271 bytes)

The home of Edward Winiarskich - a Righteous Gentile who saved the lives of his next door neighbor and her three daughters (Hertz family) by hiding them in his cellar.


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